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Looking for a wedding sign, or a shower, wedding or anniversary gift? Choose from any of our ideas below for a unique
gift or create your own by choosing your fonts and colors!

Most signs can be customized with paint and vinyl colors.

All tiles come with an easel. For the travertine stone there is a choice of a black or brown wrought iron easel.

Easels can be purchased individually or with an order. Pricing for easels: 9" wrought iron - $10, 13" wrought iron (black or brown) - $14
Click on our pricing page for more information. Small black wooden easels are also available.

Metal buckets filled with items make a wonderful and personalized gift with a cute label!

You can purchase one of our 2 quart or 6 quart galvanized buckets and create your own gift for any occasion!

All orders and questions are processed via email at:


As soon as I saw you BW321 (11x16) $32

Initial/Last Name/Est Year BW340 (11x11) $28
Name/Est. Date BW237 (8x18x1) $30
Photo Booth BW320 (24x36) $95
11x16 Best days of our lives BW290 (11x16) $36
8x18 Wedding Sign fleur de lis BW291 (6x18) $22
The best things in life....BW270 (16x24) $55
Handpainted Family/Est BW344 (6x18) $25
Baby it's cold outside BW272 (vinyl for 16x20 frame) $40,
for 16x24 on wood $55
Let the sparks fly BW272 (vinyl for 16x20 frame) $40,
for 16x24 on wood $55
Always Kiss Me Goodnight TW45 (8x8) with easel $30

You're the only fish... BW271 (7x12) $18


Families are Forever w/Name BW258 (6x18) $35 w/ easel

A Perfect Marriage BW266 (11x14) $30
Wedding Collage BW248 (16x24) $60
This is the start ..... BW196 (11x14) $30

Romeo & Juliet BW247 (11x16) $36 (names and colors can be customized)

A true love story w/initials BW246 (11x14) $30
Vintage Window Lettering - Custom
Family & Friends BW235 (16x24) $55
Every Love Story BW227 (16x24) $55
Single Monogram w/Name and easel (8x8) TW104 $30
Temple Block with Bow (6x5) BW214 $15
You are my Happily...... (11x28) BW216 $55
Admit Two (with special date for numbers) BW223 (7x18) $30
Bride & Groom Wedding Chair Signs (7x13) $18 each
Jar label for glass jar (4x5) $8
Jar label for glass jar (4x5) $8
Today I Marry My Best Friend BW200 (16x24) $55
Here Comes The Love of Your Life BW201 (16x24) $55 w/ribbon
Wedding Cake Block BW203 (6x5) $12
Wedding Date with Last Name w/easel TW103 (9x12) $40
Happily Ever After BW198 (16x24) $55
To Love, Laughter..... BW199 (16x24) $55
Wedding Date w/names and easel TW93 (9x12) $40
Wedding Date & Names w/easel BW154 (6X18) $35
Family Name/Forever/Date w/easel TW83 (9x12) $40
Family Name Est. - w/easel (9x12) TW88 $40
Name/Established Spanish BW87 (6x18) $22
Name/Established BW87 (6x18) $22
Cherish and Love BW88 (6x18) $22
Always Kiss Me BW48B (6x26) $28
Just Married Car 3 - sign for car window with initials (8x26) $25
Just Married 2 - sign for car window with names (13x35) $30
Just Married 1 - sign for car window (12x32) $25
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