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St. Patricks Subway Art BW284 (11x11) $25
Lucky BW285 (4x18) $16
Jelly Beans BW288 (2.5x17) $12
Hippity Hoppity BW287 (2.5x17) $12
All you need is LOVE BW279 (12") $20
Chocolate Bunny Block (6x5) $14
Conversation Heart Blocks (5x6) $12 each/$32 for 3
(can be personalized for $3 extra)
Love/Kisses BW277 (11x11) $25
LOVE Bingo BW222 (7x8) $18 for sign only, $22 w/ small easel
Love Mason Jar Block (10x5) $20
Keep Calm...Cupcake BW 163 (11x14) Pink/Black $25
Valentine Subway BW345 (11x11) $25
All You Need is Love BW164 (11x11) $22
Label for candy jar $6
LOVE Blocks (4.5") $18
Easter Directional Sign BW229 (36x20) $55

Mom's Diner BW298 (7x15) $20

Mom/Grandma Tile with Easel TW85 (9x12) $40
Grandchildren BW299 (7x22) $28
Children/Grandma BW238 (6x18) $22
Spring/Birdcage Metal Sign BW226 (12x12) $20
Sea Shells Block BW (5x6) $14
Swee Land of Liberty BW306 (11x11) $28
Beach Arrow BW240 (7x20) $22
A Father is a guy... FR44 (12x10) $22
A Father is a guy.... BW33 (6x26) $25
Father/Dad - distressed BW241 (11x12) $25
Gone Fishing BW310 $22
Eat.Sleep.Hunt. BW171 (6x26) $25
Hope Love Liberty BW35 (6x26) $25
Sweet Land of Liberty BW108(6x18) $20
AMERICA EST. BW126 (6x18) $20
Ice Cold Watermelon BW207 (11x11) $22
4th of July Blocks (11x14) $25
Hayrides BW322 (4x18x1) $16
Apple Cider BW323 (4x18x1) $16
Pumpkins w/Arrow - Painted BW328 (6x18) $22
Fall Subway Art w/ Scroll BW327 (11x11) $28
Pumpkins BW324 (4x18x1) $16
Pumpkin Patch BW325 (8x18x1) $28

Handsome Devil BW259 (11x16) $30

Handsome Devil (Porch Sign) BW257 (16x24) $50
Halloween Subway Block (5x6)$14
Witch Parking BW131 (11x11) $22

Best Witches BW132 (7x7) - sign only $10, with small black wooden easel $14

Give Thanks BW260 (11x14) $28

Fresh Apples BW255 (11x11) $25

Fresh Pumpkins BW256 (11x11) $25
Fresh Pies BW261 (11x11) $25
Give Thanks (travertine) w/easelTW107 (8x8) $30
Be Thankful Block (14") $14
Holly Jolly Mason Jar BW332 (7x13) $18
Christmas Subway BW333 (11x11) $25
Fresh Gingerbread BW263 (11x11) $25
Gingerbread Block (5x6) $14
Count Your Blessings Block (5x6) $14
Joy to the World Block (5x6) $14
Gingerbread Family (8x18) BW269 $28
Merry Christmas (vinyl only) (7x22) $25
Joy (11x28) BW 218 $45
Merry and Bright (6x13) BW 219 $18
Luke 2:11 (16x24) BW180 $50
Christmas /Grinch with Bow(11x14) BW179 $28
All Hearts Come Home for Christmas (7x14) BW177 $18
Holly Jolly (11x11) BW161 $18
Stockings Were Hung BW114 (6x26) $30
Believe BW92 (6x13) $15
North Pole BW334 (4x18) $15
Happy Holly Days Block BW93 (3x13) $10
Christ is the Center (8x8) $30 with easel

2 qt, galvanized bucket with labels $14, (label only $6)

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