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Choose one of our products below or create your own with your choice of fonts and colors!
We also sell the vinyl separately.
Click on our pricing page for more information. *Note: Most of our tiles are travertine stone
with the exception of 6x8 and smaller sizes being ceramic tile. Tile price includes wrought iron easels unless specified.

All orders are processed via email at:

Handpainted Family/Est BW344 (6x18) $24
Bakery - Handpainted (8x18) BW346 $28
How is it possible? BW319 (11x14) $28
Bistro BW331 (11x11) $28
Fresh Lemonade BW315 Handpainted (6x18) $24
Hometown Sign (any town/state) BW316 Handpainted (6x18) $24
Hometown - 4 Cities - Handpainted BW330 (16x24) $60
Laundry Self Service BW342 (11x16) $32
Mission Moments BW314 (7x22) $28
Welcome to Our Porch BW308 (7x26) $28
Happy Camper BW313 (11x11) $25
Anchor BW309 (7x11) $20
Bless the food - distressed (veritcal) BW304 (16x24) $55
Sea Shells Block BW (5x6) $14
Paris BW301 (16x24) $45
Vintage BW303 (4x16) $15
Because someone we love....BW300 (16x24) $50
Custom Yard Sign BW302 (15x36) $25
Small garden signs BW297 (10x12) $12 each
Mom's Diner BW298 (7x14) $20
Paris Collage BW285 (11x11) $25
Family Celebrations BW294 (6x26) $25 *Hooks/tags not included
Farm Fresh BW280 - Handpainted (7x26) $30
Families are like quilts BW281 *custom* $55
SKI BW278 (6x26) Handpainted $28
Ball Game BW253 (8x26) $30
Pets Allowed - People Tolerated BW275 (7x14) $18
So many of my Smiles.... Block (10x5) $18
You're the only fish ... BW271 (7x12) $16
Keep Calm and Brush On BW274 (11x14) $28

Grandparents House Rules BW 265 (11x24) $48 for multiple colors, $36 for single

Family Rules with Last Name BW267 (11x16) $40
Beware of Dog BW109 (3x10) $12
We drink coffee BW264 (6x20) $25
Give Thanks tile w/easel TW107 (8x8) $30
The greatest gift......TW108 (9x12) w/easel $40
Families are Forever w/Name BW258 (6x18) $28 w easel, or $20 w/o easel
Give Thanks BW260 (11x14) $28
Fresh Apples BW255 (11x11) $25
Fresh Pumpkins BW256 (11x11) $25
I love my grandchildren BW252 (8x36) $45
Wash Dry Fold BW254 (8x24) $32
Lesson from the Ocean BW250 (10x13) $30
When life gives you lemons BW251 (11x14) $28
Beach Arrow BW240 (7x20) $22
Children/Grandma BW238 (6x18) $22
The best things in life....BW244 (24x38x1) $95
Always Remember BW239 (16x36) $75
Every family has a story BW233 (11x16) $28
Bless the food before us BW234 (16x24) $50
Admit Two (with special date for numbers) BW223 (7x18) $20
Best Friends/Twin Block (10x5) $20
Temple Block with Bow (6x5) BW214 $14
Dream until...Block BW211 (5x6) $12
Today is a good day - Block BW212 (5x6) $12
Family Subway Block BW197 (10x5) $18
Give a block BW209 (10x5) $18
Scalloped Frame Temple/Families are Forever FR40 (11x14) $45
Love One Another with Easel TW99 (9x2) $40
Rustic Red Frame/There is Beauty FR41 (8x10) $22
Rustic Black Frame/Families are Forever FR42 (8x10) $22
Family Rules BW192 (11x14) $30
Come Unto Christ with Easel TW96 (6 X 6) $15
If you are lucky enough BW186 (7x18) $20
Dream... Tile w/easel TW94 (6x6) $15
Practically perfect.... TW92 (8x8) Tile with Easel $30
Grandchildren BW299 (7x22) $28
Custom subway vinyl to fit 10 x 20 frame $40
You Only Live Once (11x14) BW181 $28
Farm Fresh Eggs (11x11) BW173 $20 (with easel $28)
It takes hands... (9x12) TW87 $40 with Easel
Do small things with love (8x8) TW86 $30 with Easel
Family Name/Forever/Date (9x12) TW83 $40 w/easel
Mi Casa Es Su Casa BW59 (11x30) $36
Family Name/Birthdays BW160 (6x26) $25
(Hooks and tags not included)
Family Name/Motto with scroll BW152 (11x18) $36
The Help quote BW149 (7x7) $18
Journey BW156 (6x26) $28
Sometimes good things... BW137 (11x11) $25
Life/Moments TW67 (9x12) $40 with easel
The Greatest Gift TW35 (8x8) $30 with easel
Mom/Grandma Tile with Easel TW85 (9x12) $40
Love Board BW103 (6x18) $20
DanDancing Through Life BW32 (6x26) $25
Grandmas are Moms BW28 (6x26) $25
A Father is.... BW33 (6x26) $25
Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much BW20 (6x26) $25
All That I Am- Lincoln BW19 (6x26) $28
Attitude-Altitude .... BW38 (6x26) $25
Eat.Sleep.Hunt. BW171 (6x26) $25
FHE BW18B (6x26) includes 6 personalized tags $32
FHE BW18C (6x26) includes 6 personalized tags $32

FHE BW18A (6x26) includes 6 personalized tags $32

Home TW5 (4x18) $28 with easel
Life TW53 (8x8) $30 with easel
Friendship/Happiness TW50 (9x12) $40 with easel
A Garden Makes... TW51 (9x12) $40 with easel
Mission Sign $22 (6x18)


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